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Robbery Suspect Gets Make Over For Trial
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Talk about getting a make over! This robbery defendant was required to wear makeup in order to keep the jury from being unfairly swayed by his Nazi tattoos!

Bayzle Morgan, 24, had the teardrop covered up that is tattooed right below his right eye. Jurors also won’t see the swastika within a clover under his left eye. They will also miss “Most Wanted” that is sprawled across his forehead. Good choices, buddy! Additionally, four more white supremacist tattoos will also be covered up, thanks to District Judge Richard Scotti ordering the concealment of his tattoos from the neck up. “The goal is to make sure we can get a jury to at least give him a fair trial,” his defense attorney said.

Morgan is accused of stealing a person’s motorcycle at gunpoint and is also facing the death penalty in a separate case, where he was charged with the killing of a 75-year-old woman just days before the robbery.

The makeup takes about two hours, while he’s shackled, which will take place each morning that he goes to court.

Original article: Neo-Nazi Gets Makeover to Hide Tattooes from Jury

Image Credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via AP

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